GreenGate/UNIQLO Clothing Collection

Here at GreenGate, we are excited to announce the release of a limited edition clothing collection with one of the world’s leading fashion brands, UNIQLO. Designed as a collaboration between GreenGate’s and UNIQLO’s design teams, this exclusive clothing collection looks back to the rich heritage of the GreenGate brand, full of beautiful flowers, stripes and polka dots in our usual cheerful colours. The collection includes ranges for women, children and selected pieces for infants – all great quality items at fantastic UNIQLO prices. The 142 piece collection will be available from January 2013 in UNIQLO stores worldwide, as well as through UNIQLO’s on-line shops.

“We are thrilled to be collaborating with UNIQLO and to have the opportunity of reaching their wide audience. This clothing collection is absolutely GreenGate, perfect for UNIQLO and GreenGate fans everywhere,” says Mona & Jesper Bjørn Christiansen, the owners of GreenGate.

Click here to see the stunning presentation movie and be sure to visit UNIQLO’s website.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful with a blooming wardrobe? Write a quick comment describing why YOU should have a selected piece from the UNIQLO/GreenGate Collection in your closet. The 3 lucky winners will be chosen the 8. February 2013.

GreenGateUniqloStreet The GreenGate collection on display in Tokyo.